Thursday, June 14, 2012

I love when this happens...

Remember when I told you about this shopping trip to Crate & Barrel?  Well, yesterday when I was unpacking the pieces that I haven't used yet I discovered these four spoons wrapped up in lovely packing paper. I had totally forgotten that I had bought them!
{Shown here in the Flow Chip & Dip}
They are ceramic and the perfect size for scooping out salsa, dip and hummus. I have them in white already and use them a lot.
Woo hoo!  I'm easily amused and excited.
Also this showed up at 8 am....
{tent being delivered for this party}
What's happening with you?

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Anonymous said...

I love finding things I have forgotten about. I recently found a bracelet I was given for Christmas that I put away to wear for a special occasion, I had completely forgotten about it. The spoons are so cute!

Katie said...

I love finding things that I forgot I bought or have! Its like a little present!

Those spoons are adorable! They go so perfectly with the theme of the party!

Mel said...

That is such a wonderful feeling, to find something that you had forgotten. It's even sweeter when it's money you left in a pocket or purse.

Enjoy the party!

Annmarie Pipa said...

oh how that $20 in my back pocket shorts from last yr!
have fun!!

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