Sunday, June 10, 2012

Friday Phone Dump Week 23

I took lots of camera phone pics this week.  Here's one from last week that I forgot.
{the mamarazzi, armed and ready for graduation}
Photo a Day in June Challenge
1) Morning 2) Empty 3) On Your Plate
4) Close Up 5) Sign 6) Hat
7) Drink 8) 6 o'clock 9) Best Bit of your Weekend
row 1)* Morning coffee and hydrangeas*Daughter and her curls(see hat above)*Strawberries in my thrifted colander*
row 2)*At my daughter's school library for a presentation*Hut tubbing with hubby*Trying a new wine (Babble=good)*
row 3*)Hubs hanging lights for grad party(edit, also "my view today" in photo challenge)*Finishing up the lights*Arranging my hydrangeas*
row 1)*At daughter's presentation*A surprise gift from Dad, her own left-handed bass guitar*Me, helping with the lights*
row 2)*Bulbs I planted are coming up!*Photo a Day prompts*Liking my garden"
row 3)*Macro shots of flowers*

I sure had fun with my camera phone this week! I hope you enjoyed the photos too!
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camp and cottage living said...

Great phonography!
A mosaic of a very busy mama!!

Interior Decorating said...

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Katie said...

Mamarazzi is my new favorite term! I have a feeling I'll be one of those one day :)

I love how your daughter's hair looks all curled. I had a friend who would always have to do that for competitions, and it always looked so cool!

The lights for the party look amazing! The yard is going to look so beautiful!

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