Friday, January 13, 2012

Stocking a Vegan Kitchen - Part 2

As promised back in this post, here are some of the other products we've found to stock the kitchen for my vegan daughter.
These baby zucchinis were just too cute so I had to buy them and they were quite delicious-sauteed up with olive oil and onions!
Trader Joe's Beefless Ground--I guess the photo on the package inspired me to make stuffed peppers with it.  Next I'm going to try it in shepherd's pie.
I also found this Balela (chick pea salad) at Trader Joe's.
Speaking of chick peas, hummus is always a staple in our house.
We found some baking mixes at Whole Foods. The cookie dough is already mixed up and can be eaten raw (no raw egg to worry about) but is better baked. We haven't made the apple spice muffins yet.
I noticed that nutritional yeast came up a lot in vegan recipes so I bought some a huge tub of it.  This was the smallest size I could find.  It's said to have a cheesy, nutty flavor similar to parmesan cheese.  It can be sprinkled on pasta or popcorn and I used it to make crispy fried tofu the other night (recipe is coming).
Let's not forget chocolate.  We all need a fix once awhile.  Most dark chocolate is vegan as long as there are no milk fats in it (like in milk chocolate).
These are a great 'Dorito-like' snack.
We love black beans around here but plain beans are kind of boring.  The Trader Joe's Cuban Style Black Beans have a nice kick to them. We use them in soft tacos and other recipes.  The Latin Stye Black Bean soup also has a nice spicy flavor and is a hearty bowl of soup.
Maple syrup and agave nectar are two sweeteners that we've found in a lot of vegan recipes.
We've seen both of these products used in vegan baking and cooking but we haven't tried them yet.
For a quick lunch or dinner, Amy's organic soups and chili are a great choice.
I'm an intense label reader now but it's so nice to just see the word VEGAN and not have to worry about it.
My daughter also tried both of these products.   She loves the Peppered Tofurky and was so so on the Tempeh. We're still experimenting.
We always liked the Morning Star burgers but only found the Grillers Vegan to be vegan.  She's also trying the Boca Vegan burgers.   Trader Joe's meatless meatballs are great too!

So there you have part 2 of our vegan journey.  I hope to share some of the recipes with you soon!

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Life in Rehab said...

We both did vegetarian stuff today. I gave you a little shout because I know you feel the challenge. There's a couple of products there that I didn't know about, so thank you!

Katie said...

This all looks so good! Especially the chick peas and the hummus. I love to roast chick peas in the oven, they are salty and crunchy and much more filling than potato chips!

Toni said...

I REALLY wish I had a Trader Joe's around here. Some of that looks really good!

Morgan said...

Yay! Thank you for sharing all these cool products! Now I really want to go to the store, haha. I have so many new meal ideas from this post. =)

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