Sunday, January 22, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 1.22.12

1. Sunset
The weather hasn't been that great to go out and take sunset photos but I caught this one out our kitchen window. I like how it looks like a line of fire behind the trees.
2. Black & White
The top of the swing set looks a bit like a chalet, especially when blanketed with some snow.
3. A Day In My Life
I spend a lot of my day in the kitchen{not complaining!} and clean the island counter top many times throughout the day(usually just with a wet microfiber cloth but sometimes I need to give it a shot of Daily Granite.)
4. Four
Daughter's formal...waiting for her friends to arrive, I caught a few candids.
5. Colorful
There seems to be an absence of color in my house lately (a welcome respite from the holiday decorations).   These straws will have to do.

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Emily said...

If those counter tops were mine - I'd be cleaning them constantly.

Nellies said...

Great finds, I especially like the straws very much!

Amy said...

Love your Colorful shot! :)

Michelle said...

Love that shot of the straws and your daughter and her friends looked so pretty!

Light Trigger said...

nice interpretations! especially the colorful photo!

Light Trigger

Cathy said...

Great pictures. I especially like the straws and of course the ones of your daughter!

chrissy said...

i am enamoured with 'method' cleaning products. they all smell so fresh!


Brooke said...

What a great set! LOOOOVE the straws. I find myself photogrpahing straws a lot ;D

Creations By Cindy said...

Great shot of those straws! WOW! But I must the one of your daughter! She is beautiful!

Ashley Sisk said...

What a great set - really like your composition for colorful.

Pam said...

Love the color shot of the straws. I have a lack of color also, but not due to lack of Christmas decorations.....cause I tend to lean to browns and beige colors....Hope your daughter had a great time.

Ms. Becky said...

I think each and every interpretation is excellent. especially like the straws, a day in your life, and the black and white. that's one fancy swing set! happy week to you.

Katie said...

I love the straws and the swing set in black and white!

Ida said...

Great set. I like your BW a lot - It does look a bit like a Chalet.
Loved your Colorful shot.

Brooke said...

Your colorful shot is too too cute!!

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