Wednesday, March 1, 2017

New Spring-do

I was long overdue for a haircut and color....
Thrifted top from here.
I'm missing that warm, sunny weather that we had last week!  Bring back Spring!
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Tamar SB said...

You look fabulous!

Creations By Cindy said...

Love your hair sweet lady. Awe...doesn't it feel good to get your hair freshly done? I always feel like a new me! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Barefoot by the Sea said...

LOVE your new 'do! It looks great and like you're ready for Spring! It was 61 degrees today - hope you were warm too! I'm ready! My hair appointment is next week - SO ready!

Carla from The River said...

Beautiful you!!
I went and got a new look last Thursday. ;-) We must all be ready for a fresh Spring look.
I like the bangs.

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

You look so beautiful as usual with your cut and color. Yes I want the warmer weather back too. March is such a crazy month weather wise. Enjoy the weekend and stay warm.

Laura Everyday Edits said...

Too cute! Love the nail color too! laura

Dawn Gross said...

Bangs! And your nail polish!! Love 'em both!

Ida said...

Cute cut! Wow sunglasses...we're still waiting to see the sun here.

Morgan said...

So cute!! I love the bangs and color! You look awesome! Did your husband and daughter know you were going to do bangs? They are super cute!

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