Thursday, December 9, 2010

Photography Class

My blogging time has been even more limited lately because I've been taking an online photography class. I don't know if I'm getting any better but I've been taking a lot of pictures and trying to understand the whole manual setting on my camera. I thought I'd share a few.

Portrait (SOOC-straight out of camera)

Doll outside at two different ISO's.(see the difference in the backgrounds)
Simple Object Challenge(SOOC) 
Simple Object -after editing

Flower Challenge-SOOC

Simple Object-SOOC

 Conveying a mood (lonely) SOOC

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Seams Inspired said...

I think your photography has always been good; however, it's definitely improving! :o) The grapefruit shot is amazing. Good job! Methinks I need to step it up a notch now.

PS...I had to chuckle at the doll photo. At first glance, that baby looks impaled on the post! LOL

Happy Thursday! :o)

Julie Harward said...

Very cool, I need to learn more about all of that! ;D

Aimee said...

I'd love to hear what class it is. I've always wanted to take one, but just don't think I could arange childcare. BUT I think I could do an online one.

Jingle said...

very quality photo shots.
cute and fun to look at.

Uyen said...

hello, found you through Follow Friday 40 and over and I'm now following you. Great job with your photography. Seems like you are on the right track!

Grace Matthews said...

I took an online Photography class too and I loved it:) said...

Hi!I'm blog hopping today hoping to make new friends. I think these photos are excellent...Hubby is a keen photographer too and had his own lab for a while to develop pictures.I am your newest but probably oldest follower.
Very nice to meet you. I'm off to browse around your blog.
Please drop by and maybe follow me I'd be delighted to have you as part of the 'gang'.
Warmest wishes
Carol from

Rumtruffle said...

I am following you from Follow Friday 40 and Over blog hop, I would love it if you could visit me back.
The photographs of your apples look so good and it is interesting to see the difference between the two grapefruit photos. The doll pic did make me smile, looks painful!!
Have a lovely day.
Helen x

Mika said...

Hi! I'm following from the blog hop. I'd love a follow back at


EmptyNester said...

Aren't you the brave one...taking the camera off automatic! LOL I haven't been that courageous yet.

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