Wednesday, August 7, 2013

{Travel} NYC Day 3

Waking up on Day 3 in NYC.
Having coffee in bed makes it even better!
We were sad that College Girl had to go back to work but hubby and I were still going to have fun on our last day in the city.  
This piece of furniture (sofa? chair?) welcomed us as we got on or off the elevator.  It looks more comfortable than it is.
After breakfast we walked over to Grand Central Station.
We entered in the Grand Central Market which was a long corridor of vendors.
They had every kind of food--a lot of it prepared and ready to go.
That's where I spotted these macarons (from a previous Scavenger Hunt Sunday).
Then we entered Grand Central Terminal.
It is a gorgeous train station.  I couldn't stop looking at that ceiling and of course taking photos of it (which don't do it justice)!

Grand Central Station is celebrating its 100th year.   I felt like we were in a movie scene!!
After Grand Central, we walked over to Rockefeller Plaza. I've usually only seen it in the winter with the ice skaters below but there were tables set up on the ice rink area.
Another attempt at a selfie (at least it's clearer than our last one)

This Human Nature exhibit by Ugo Rondinone was going on and we had fun checking it all out.

Speaking of checking things out, we had to pop into the NBC store. I loved that Friday Night Lights t-shirts are still available and what about this Psych corner!?  Such cool stuff! I had to buy Miss Middle School some Psych swag (magnetic poetry). 
It was time to go back to the hotel to check out but we still wanted to see a little more of the city before heading home.  
We were able to stow our bags after checking out and set out on one more adventure.   We walked to our destination and on the way we passed some pretty amazing sights.
 Like the New York Public Library.

Skyscrapers like the Empire State Building and this monk was walking parallel to us giving out something (we don't know what it was because he didn't offer it to us, much to hubby's dismay).

More city scenes...

We made it to Eataly! I've been wanting to go there ever since I saw Martha visit it on one of her field trips on her show. (I miss that show!). Eataly is a high end Italian food market.
It was overwhelming to say the least.  
It's a little confusing if you want to eat but we figured out that you had to check in at various kiosks to request a table at one of the restaurants.  There were a few but we chose La Pizza & La Pasta.
It feels so decadent to have a glass of wine with lunch. We had a hard time deciding between pizza or pasta but settled on sharing a simple pizza. It was perfecto!
I was saving room for dessert!
Martha had talked about the house made Gelato so of course I had to try it.  
We ordered Salted Caramel in a sugar cone and it was beyond delicious!
It was a sweet ending to our time in New York.  
If you want to read about the rest of our trip, it all starts here.

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Pam - @diy Design Fanatic said...

NYC is so much fun and you must be having a blast. So much energy there...and food. Yum. Haven't been there since our honeymoon back in 1986, but I remember it well. We flew out of New York, so we stayed for 2 days on the way back from Martinique.

Jules said...

Grand Central Market looks fabulous! I do all of my traveling vicariously through you! : )

Becky said...

What an amazing little trip! Why are selfies so hard to take? My daughter makes it look so easy..,

Katie said...

That chair/sofa circle thing does look comfy. I'm kind of sad that it isn't!

Your pictures of Grand Central Station are gorgeous! That ceiling is my favorite!

I love your selfie at Rockefeller Center! AJ and I have a selfie in almost the exact same spot from our first date in the city!

That is really cool that the hotel let you stow your bags so you could walk around the city a little more!

And that you got to eat at Eataly! It all looks so delicious! Especially that gelato!!!

Bliss said...

Pizza, gelato..... how many 'roons did you eat?

Linda @ A La Carte said...

What a fun trip! I love walking around a city and just enjoying all there is to see. Oh and eat!! Thanks for sharing at TTF.


Esther Joy said...

I've never been to New York City, and enjoyed the tour! All the yellow colors stood out to me!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photography that brought back wonderful memories of trips to NYC ~ so glad you are enjoying it ~ thanks, carol, xo

betty-NZ said...

It sounds like a great day! Love your photos of the busy places.

fredamans said...

Thanks for sharing your trip via photos! I <3 NY!

Debra at HOMESPUN: said...

Enjoyed the tour and the photos! :)

Splendid Little Stars said...

What fun! It's been a LONG time since I've been in NYC.
great photos! I enjoyed the tour!

Jenny said...

I miss Martha too...

And the salted caramel in a sugar cone is making my mouth water!

Marvelous post for the letter "M"...

I am glad you had a magnificent trip in NYC!


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