Friday, August 16, 2013

{Entertaining} Italian Night III

We were lucky enough to get to attend another Italian Night at the home of our good friends (G & M) last month.
It's kind of become a summer tradition (we hope!) and they've all been epic.
You might remember my posts from previous Italian Nights that we've been to. If not, you can read about the first one here and the last one here. 
 Doesn't this table of appetizers and drinks look amazing?
This year's was a bit more intimate with just three couples and a few of our assorted offspring.  I snuck into the kitchen to snap a few pics of the food being prepped. They always go ALL out!
They've recently re-done their kitchen and painted the cabinets black. I love the stainless steel hardware that they added! 
Disclaimer: This photo wasn't taken at Italian Night but I had to show the other side of the kitchen and my talented friend G's handiwork. She painted this china cabinet and the hardware and it gives the their kitchen a kaboodle of storage.  It is gorgeous, no?  
Yes, she has a blog!
Ok, back to Italian helps to have a beautiful evening and we did.
My husband was teaching the boys how to open wine bottles for us.  
It's good to have a back up. 
G's dad built this table for them.  See where she gets it? Also check out the Italian tomato cans she used for the flowers. So clever!
Italian Night is about food of course...
and friends..
(I call this one The Three Paisanos)
and drinks...
(Champs and peach sorbet..yummmmm!!)
(The ladies)
This year it was also about bocce ball!
We played an intense game of girls against the guys.
Then dinner was served just as Mother Nature decided to start her own light show.  
We had to move indoors for dessert.
And (sorry for the poor photo quality) home made Lemoncello!
Another perfect Italian Night!!
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Jules said...

That looks like an amazing party, and what great friends/neighbors you have. Around here, we barely know neighbors...and as far as dinner parties...not What a great tradition! Have a wonderful weekend!

Phyllis @Around the House said...

It sounds like a fun get together, love all the great looking under the wonderful tree...So nice to see all the different foods and drink...thanks for sharing this lovely evening with friends...Phyllis

Tamar SB said...

Fun times!! Love the food table - looks so delicious!

EG CameraGirl said...

MMMMM! I LOVE Italian cuisine!

Katie said...

This looks wonderful. What a fun summer tradition!

I really love the china cabinet that she painted. And having all that storage in the kitchen is great!

Dawn Gross said...

Great fun!

Becky said...

What a fun night! Great pictures too! I love that this is a tradition :)

Bliss said...

Molto buono!

Love Of Quilts said...

What a lot of good looking food. Good night out with friends, glad to see you all in the photos. Love her cabinet.

Karen said...

What a fun night! Now I'm hungry.

Karen said...

Looks like such a fun night! Now I'm hungry.

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