Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fall Flowers

We've had a lot of rain. Not as much as some areas and we were lucky. We were in the outer bands of Irene and got the tail end of Lee--which seemed even more drenching.   Anyway...the garden has kind of gone to pot and the weeds have gone to town.
We do have a few blooming pretties.
The hydrangeas have taken on a rosy hue.
The mums are starting to pop.
The mums near the street always bloom earlier.
Love this color!
You can see the weeds taking over here around the hydrangeas.
My potted plants and morning glories from this post are still doing well too.

Here's another pretty posey...right after getting her hair cut.
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Love Of Quilts said...

Those are pretty mums...your little one is cute as can be. Trish

AMY said...

She is a very pretty girl! <3

Love your flowers....wish I had a big yard and could grow flowers!
Love the mums and their color.....Awesome!

Ann said...

Lovely FULL mums, they really cover beautifully. I purchased 3 potted mums for my deck today. We have Sedum growing which is colorful too.

Barbara F. said...

Visiting from Outdoor Wednesday, I didn't have a post to link up this week :( but I love visiting new blogs. Your little posy is a cutie. I love your mums, the color is so interesting. xo,

Karen said...

Lovely blooms and a sweet posey!

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Sweet girl...beautiful pictures!

J Bar said...

Beautiful Autumn flowers.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Veronica said...

Hi Heather. Really love your blog's name, so apt. Your posy is de lovely...


Linda said...

Love the mums...pretty color...the last flower is the prettiest...she is adorable!!

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