Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Disney Trip '11 {Day 1}

Did you know we love Disney?
Well we do!!
We waited all summer to go there.
It was worth the wait. 
We almost didn't get there.
Thanks, Irene.
But after a hurricane, no power or internet, cancelled flights and major anxiety...
rebooked flights....and finally getting out....we got there.
We were staying at the Grand Floridian.
It exceeded my expectations. (Wasn't sure if we'd love it as much as our favorite, Polynesian). 
Our balcony.
View from the balcony (Hello Poly!)
The rooms were cold and the air was hot so this is what happened until my camera adjusted to the temperature.

On our first night, we had dinner booked with my sister's family at Jiko at Animal Kingdom Lodge.
We arrived a little early so we looked around and saw this.
You can stay in rooms overlooking the Savannah. 
Dinner at Jiko-The Cooking Place-was Fabulous with a capital F.
It was lovely to get back to our room and crash after a long day.
to be continued....
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Mommie Dearest Strikes Again said...

What fun! We live in Florida, and do you know we've only been to Disney World once? I love the giraffe - how cool. And that happens to my camera ALL the time. Very frustrating.

Brenda's Blog said...

This post is awesome...Only been to Disney World once when my kids were young, they are yound adults now and I dream of taking them again with my twin granddaughters one day!!! LOVE IT!!! Can't wait to hear more...

Standing by...have FUN ...

PⒿ @ $ € € ₦$ ₣®0₥... said...

Nothing like a little Disney to bring out the kid in everyone; and it's such a great place for a family to spend time together. Lucky you!!! Glad you finally got there!

Renee@LivingLaughingLoving said...

We just went to Disney for a week the beginning of September and had so much fun!!! I blogged about our adventures too. :) I can't WAIT to go back!!!

DebºoºS said...

Oh, I love The Grand Floridian!! What a great view you had! Glad you were able to get there despite all the trip delays! Sounds like a wonderful trip!

Thanks for sharing and for linking up to Flashback Friday, I'm looking forward to reading more of your trip.

Mark Fendrick said...

We also had a Disney World vacation affected by Irene. Howver we were in WDW and couldn't head home since our flight was cancelled so we had to stay an extra 4 days - at Boardwalk. Terrible, I know.

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