Monday, May 7, 2018

{TBB Asks} May-Entertainment Edition

It's another TBB Asks-where they ask the questions and we answer them. You can join in and link up here.


1. Comedy or Drama?
Comedy for sure!
2. Fiction or Non-Fiction?
Fiction.  We read mostly fiction in our book club.
3. Movies in Theater or At Home?
That's a tough one. There's nothing like seeing a movie on the big screen, but being home on the couch is nice too!  We just saw the new Avengers movie and it was awesome on the big screen.
4. Musical or Play?
I'm more of a musical fan but I haven't seen many plays.  I'm partial to this one right now.
5. Which Meal of the day is your favorite to eat out?
6. Favorite Book ever read? 
I hate to pick just one! Some of my favorites from book club were-
7. Game Night: Yes or No?
Yes, please!   I want to play more Settlers of Catan.
8. Favorite Outside Game to play?
Bocce, preferably with Italian music playing in the background.
9. Favorite TV Series ever?
LOST but Friday Night Lights is a close second.
10. Sitcoms growing up or Sitcoms of today?
They are probably better today but I like the nostalgia of the sitcoms from my childhood.
11. Miniature Golf or Bowling?
Mini golf. Disc golf is pretty fun too!
12. Favorite Movie Theater Candy?
I never get candy at the movies. Is that weird?
13. How do you like your popcorn?
Popped with coconut oil and Himalayan sea salt.
My most pinned post ever. 
14. 3D movies with the glasses; Yes or No?
No, I'm really not a fan of them for movies.
I didn't mind them for the Radio City Christmas Music Spectacular.
15. Favorite Genre of Books to Read? 
I don't think I have a favorite, I just like a good story.

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Andrea Nine said...

Look how CUTE you are in braids, I wear mine like that sometimes in the summer. Mmmm gimmie a trail mix cool. I would love your popcorn...Himalayan sea salt is the best! Sooo happy you joined us, hope your week gets off to a sweet start!

Preppy Empty Nester said...

I love your costume for your book club. You gave me a great idea for my book club. When I host, I'm going to have them dress as their favorite character. Thanks for the inspiration.

Tamar SB said...

Such fun things to learn about you!

Pamela said...

Haven't played bocce since we used to play on the beach as kids. Loved your Italian Night III post - how fun!

Days of a Wife said...

Your book clubs look so fun! I wish I had a community I could do that with! My husband and I also love Settlers. If you haven't already played it, you should check out Ticket to Ride!

Claire Justine said...

Hi Heather, such a lovely post idea.

Thanks for joining us on Instagram yesterday. It was our first time going live and we did not really have a clue what we were doing! We had so much fun trying though :)

Carla from The River said...

This is so fun Heather!!
We plan to see Avengers this week. I agree on the big screen. ;-)

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

This was such a fun post to read Heather!
Thanks for sharing at our C&C with J&J.
Enjoy the week
Julie xo

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

Love this! I LOVE popcorn that way! We never get candy at the movies either and I’m not a 3D fan - keep it simple! I love these, I learn more about you and it’s so fun!!!

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