Friday, May 4, 2018

Four On Friday

We made it to FRIDAY!  Here's what I've been...

1.) lilacs. I've cut so many bouquets of them for the house.  This was right before they started blooming.
 2. Being silly about...our last prom.  We did go to prom together and Friday was our daughter's last prom.
 3.Editing...prom photos!   I'm having fun with this batch.
 4. Celebrating...a birthday with friends.  Wine is appropriate!
What are you up to?
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Andrea Nine said...

How precious, you guys are the most darling “Prom” goers! What sweet memories then and now with your beautiful baby girl! Gimmie all the lilacs....and wine, lol. Have a wonderful weekend!

Laura Everyday Edits said...

Can't wait to see the photos Heather! Jealous of your 90 degree temps! We are hosting a Cinco de Mayo part and have to dry out the patio cushions! ha!
ps do you have a low cal margarita recipe? laura

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

Your daughter looked so pretty dressed for her prom! Happy birthday too to you. Hope you have a nice weekend.
Julie xo

Tamar SB said...

She looks so gorgeous in that dress and color!

Sarah Barber said...

I like this idea for a blogpost! #WeekendBlogHop

Carla from The River said...

I like the Four On Friday's :-) have a blessed weekend.

Claire Justine said...

Lovely photos Heather :) Thanks so much for sharing your post with us at Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop. Have a great weekend and we hope to see you soon.

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

Lilacs are my favorite! So many memories associated with the scent! Love seeing these pictures too! You’ve been busy my friend!

Dawn Gross said...

Lilacs are the best! I was sad that this was our last prom!

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