Monday, January 5, 2015

{Insta-Love} December 2014

I'm baaaacccckkk!

Paris and London were wonderful! If you were following me on Instagram you probably saw my over sharing of our trip but there will be more.  We left as a family of three and came back as four (College Girl is stateside and home for a few more days!!)
 I'm still trying to process it all and organize my photos so in the meantime, I bring you (most of)our month in Iphotos.  I won't include any trip photos since I'll be using them for future posts.  Well maybe just one from our first morning in Paris, sleep deprived but happy!

 I have naughty elves in my house.
 I love going back to these books every so often. She cracks me up!
 Favorite time of year..brown paper packages...
 Going out for Mexican food after an all day Irish dance competition has become our tradition.
 We killed that table side guac!
 Getting my new EC planner always makes me happy!
 Fixing my favorite outdoor chalet.
 I'm going to miss working out by the lights of the Christmas tree.
 Can't get enough of this festive scent. (I have the 3-wick candle too!)
 Hitting the malls near Christmas (this was the line at Sephora).
 Got the hubs to buy a few things for himself.
 Ninja bread men.
 More packages(a sweet card from my blog buddy Tamar on top of the stack!)
 Used my birthday gift card to buy this griddle. I'm no longer pancake challenged!
 These Christmas cacti were supposed to be gifts but somehow I still have two left. whoops!
 Latkes and home made applesauce, that's how I celebrate Hanukkah!
 Made this 'crack' aka Salted Chocolate Pretzel Toffee, thanks to Cassie's recipe. We took it to a party so I wouldn't eat the whole batch.
 Mr Click's band played a show right before we left and I got to hang out with these pretty ladies (that's my MIL in the red).
 You know it's almost Christmas when Santa comes by in a firetruck!
 Getting into the spirit with some Dunkin' and Holly on Sirius XM.
 All of my holds came in at the same time at the library (again!).
 Chalk art by Miss High School.
My countdown clock right before we left. I started it at 100 days and posted a different photo each day to help me count down the days until our trip.  

Happy New Year!

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Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

It looks like you had an absolutely amazing holiday! I'm glad I got caught up with all your pictures :-) sounds like an equally amazing trip! I hope to get there someday when my girls are older :-) happy 2015, I'm looking forward to following you along this year :-)

Jules said...

I always love you Insta-recaps, but I am really excited to see the trip recaps!!!! From what I saw on Instagram, it looked truly amazing!

Tamar SB said...

You did all have a great time!! Enjoy being a family four for a few days!

Carla from The River said...

This is always a favorite of mine. :-) I am glad you are continuing to post it in 2015!!

I had to chuckle, I have been working out next to my Christmas tree too. :-)
We will have ours up for another week, so a few more fun days of twinkle lights.

Have fun with College Girl while she is home. :-)

Dawn Gross said...

Glad college girl got to come home for a few days! Can't wait to hear all about your trip!!

Trish C said...

What an amazing trip, looking forward to seeing more photos. When are you going to find time to do all that reading.

Becky said...

Oh my goodness, where to comment first? I'm so excited College Girl came home for a few days!!!!! You really do have the best IG pics ;)

Ida said...

It's fun catching up with you. Lots of activity here for sure. Hoping to share with you more in this New Year.

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