Wednesday, June 12, 2013

{Travel} Back to The Happiest Place on Earth- Part 1

 We returned to our happy place after being away for almost two years.  It had been a crazy week (month) and we were ready for a vacation. 
Arriving at the Polynesian Resort the first day and finding out we were being upgraded to the Hawaii Longhouse was a wonderful surprise!
I don't know how it happened but they told me we were being upgraded to concierge level and we were to head over to the Hawaii building to check in!!  I think we were in shock as we walked over to see what they were talking about.  Miss Middle School made friends with a Tiki God (she had spent the entire day before at Six Flags in the rain, note the new sweatshirt she's sporting).

Concierge (or Club Level) guests stay in the Hawaii building and have their own lobby to check in. You can only get into the building with a special room key.  We waited for one of the cast members to check  us in but did a quick peek upstairs to the lounge in the meantime. Wow!
Staying here means you have full access to the lounge. In the note above you can see all of the offerings available throughout the day for club members (click to enlarge).
 We felt like royalty but the room wasn't ready for these princesses so we headed down to the pool and Captain Cook's for some lunch.
Of course we had to get our favorite Noodle Bowl
and a Dole Whip-- that's where we saw this amazing one.
 It was heavenly to be back at our favorite resort, soaking it all in.
Hallelujah, the room was ready! They are in the process of being refurbished and this one had been done already.  The new bedding is crisp and white (it used to be a Hawaiian patterned bedspread).
We had a pretty nice view.   Ummm yeah, it was fabulous.

Once our bags arrived via Magical Express, we changed and headed right to the Magic Kingdom to see the New Fantasyland.  This gargoyle is guarding the Beast's castle.

 You can eat lunch or dinner in the castle right where Belle and the Beast danced into our hearts.  It's extremely popular right now and hard to get into.
We asked to walk along the bridge into the castle to take some photos.

The Disney Imagineers did not disappoint with this one. Wow! It is amazing. I can't wait to see the rest of it when it's complete.
 Here was a little gift shop full of Beauty and The Beast merchandise.  The theming never ends.
The park was pretty crowded but we managed to get on a few rides and reacquaint ourselves with the Magic Kingdom.  One of my favorite things to do is ride on the People Mover while the rest of my family is on Space Mountain.  It's so relaxing and breezy riding around up there and it gives you a great view of the park. Of course I always keep my forward facing tentacles in the vehicle.
We ended our first day/night in the Magic Kingdom with dinner at Tony's Town Square Restaurant (from Lady and the Tramp fame), complete with spaghetti slurping and meatballs.
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Kathy McB said...

Oh's been so long since we've enjoyed hearing "Have a Magical Day"! Enjoy your visit and I will live vicariously thru you :)

Jules said...

Loved seeing all of your photos.....looks like a wonderful trip! We took Zachary on the Disney cruise for his 5th birthday, but he has never been to the Happiest Place on Earth....and I have not been there since I was about 4. I would loveto go!!!!!

Heather said...

What a wonderful surprise to be upgraded! I am getting ready to head to the Happiest Place On Earth next weekend for a little girl time with my mom and my daughter...can't wait to see the new Fantastyland!

Love Of Quilts said...

Have lots of fun! Sounds like a great vacation.

Debbiedoo's said...

Our favorite place EVER! Such a gorgeous resort.

Bliss said...

Does that mean your rear facing tentacles were hanging out?

Dawn said...

It all looks so wonderful!

Katie said...

Oh this looks so wonderful! That is so cool that you were upgraded!!

I'm enjoying living vicariously through your trip to Disney - and I'm sure AJ is enjoying me saying "Look at this! I want to go to Disney!" Every 5 seconds while reading this post ;)

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