Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Disney Trip '11 {Day 4-Part 2} Magical Gathering~Safari Celebration Dinner

On this trip, we were excited to experience our first Magical Gathering. If you have 8 or more people in your party, you may book a magical gathering . We chose the Safari Celebration Dinner in Animal Kingdom.
 After checking in, we had some time for a photo with Lilo.
 They called us in by our group name where we met our guide and were assigned an animal group. We were the elephants.  We were seated at a table to wait for the rest of the "animals" to arrive and be organized.
 What did we do before all of this technology to keep from getting bored?
 This was our guide, Scott.  He gave us each a special commemorative pin for being on the Safari Celebration Magical Gathering. 
 Then this fancy lady, "Mama G" came out and introduced herself and explained how the safari celebration would work. She taught us a few words in Swahili and then we were off.
It was pouring as we walked over to the safari but we didn't let that dampen our spirits.
 The rain was actually a good thing for viewing the safari.  It seems like more of the animals came out to see us.
 If you've ever been on the Kilimanjaro Safari, it's pretty well scripted.  This one went "off script" and we got to see more and spend more time stopping to take photos.
 This is something I'd never seen in all my safari treks. Pretty cool, right?
 I usually take way too many pictures of the animals but this time I tried to just enjoy it in the moment and not take as many (I have albums full of them already).
When we finished the safari, we walked over to Tusker House for dinner.
 There was a nice basket of breads, various hummus dips and salad on the table waiting for us.
Here's our server (he looks a bit like an insect here) in the background.  He encouraged us to go right up to the buffet before the line got too long after quickly taking our drink orders.  The buffet was pretty awesome with plenty of options for everyone.  The salad, bread and dips were "as much as you care to eat" and he brought us a whole plate of the chocolate mango bread after we told him how much we were enjoying it. YUM!!
 We were entertained by these wonderful musicians during dinner.
Mama G came back and announced all of the special occasions being celebrated.  She announced our anniversary and said we were "professionals" (married longer than 20 years!). 
 Look who else showed up?
{Rafiki and Timon}
 Dessert was brought out and finished off our lovely evening.
By the time we were finished, the rain had stopped and we walked through the very empty {magical} Animal Kingdom back to our bus for "home" full of food and good memories of a great night!
If you want to catch up on the rest of our trip, click here.
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