Thursday, October 5, 2017

October's Daily Goodie Box

October's Daily Goodie Box was a doozy. Maybe because it's my birthday month?  I think they are just getting more and more awesome!
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Let's get into this month's box!
Mirabella  - Glisten Eyeshadow Collection
I was super excited about this Mirabella Glisten Eyeshadow palette! The colors are beautiful neutrals with a touch of shimmer.   Mirabella cosmetics are free of Paraben, gluten & talc.

Pure Cosmetics  - Silicone Blender
I've never used a blender for my foundation but my daughters are big fans. Now I get to see what all of the hype is about.  The silicone blender allows for more effective spreading and blending of liquid makeup so you use half of the amount of product you would use with traditional brushes and applicators.  There's less waste and the blender is non porous and easy to clean.

Sun & Earth - Natural Laundry Detergent
I love an all natural detergent. This one is so versatile and earth friendly. It can be used in standard or high efficiency machines and contains no dyes, perfumes or preservatives.  It works in hot or cold water and also with hard or soft water. The light citrus scent is so lemony & fresh!

Nellie’s  - Wrinkle B Gone
Nellie's Wrinkle B Gone is a plant based product that removes wrinkles and freshens fabrics with it's signature lemongrass fragrance.  No time for ironing? Just shake, spray, smooth and snap your fabric.  Can also be used as a fabric refresher, ironing aid and for bedding.

Pirouline  - Rolled Wafers
These rolled wafers have been around since 1860 when the company was founded in Belgium and they now have 4th generation bakers with the company in Mississippi.  I feel so fancy when I serve these cookies.

Flathau’s Fine Foods - Key-Lime Snaps
The description of these Key Lime Snaps is sure mouth watering: "essence of key lime, distilled into a shortbread cookie and blanketed in powder sugar".  They do sound hard to put down!

Now & Later - Shell Shocked
These Now and Later Shell Shocked candies are new to me. They are that old familiar fruit chews inside a candy coating for a brand new taste!

INKO’S - Organic Energy Drinks
Inko's Organic Energy Drinks contain a combination of brewed organic tea with natural flavors and botanicals to create a jitter free energy drink.  The organic white tea that they use has many benefits including boosting immune function of skin cells, regulating cholesterol and increasing bone density.

Kur - Scandinavian Bite-Size Bar’s
This little bar packs a lot of wholesome nutrition without any fillers, binders, preservatives, grains, dairy, added sweeteners or processed ingredients.  They were created in Denmark and are now 'made with love in the USA'. This coconut cashew one is definitely going in my purse!  It contains only dates, cashew butter, dried coconut and cashews.

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Tamar SB said...

Happy birthday!
and lucky! Still no boxes for me, but I'll live through you!

Carla from The River said...

WOW, fun, fun.
Happy Birthday Month. :-)

Barefoot by the Sea said...

I always LOVE these boxes! Good stuff!

Barefoot by the Sea said...


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