Thursday, February 15, 2018

{The Abode} New Projects 2018 and Progress

We've kicked off our 2018 with a flurry of home improvement projects. It feels good to get back to it after not doing much in that area for the last couple of months. The last thing we did was City Girl's bedroom.  The two main areas we are working on are the master bedroom and the basement.

Here are the before shots and projects:
1) Upgrade to a king sized bed and mattress in the master bedroom.
2) New furniture and layout for the basement.

Project 1)
Our first step was to sell the bed and sectional.  They both went quickly and forced us to get moving on the rooms.

This is the bed we ordered for the master.  Before that we chose a mattress from Nectar. I did some research and this seemed to be a risk-free option (365 day trial!).  They were running a sale but also running behind in production so we had to wait a few weeks for the mattress to arrive.  The bed arrived quickly but the first one had had a small indentation on the headboard so we exchanged it for a new one.

Hello, handsome!
Once we found out the mattress was arriving (on Monday!) we put the bed together. It was a fairly easy assembly for two people.    I didn't get a photo of the slats, they had to be no more than 3 inches apart for the mattress (you don't need a box spring for this mattress--but you can use one if you like).
In the interim we put the old queen size mattress on the frame for the weekend (this was on Saturday).  Now you can see the slats!  
And the mattress be continued!

Project 2)
My friend G came over to help me with some ideas for furniture placement after the sectional was moved out. Since the room has to function as a tv/lounge, my home photography studio and mini kitchen(snack center), we needed to figure out how to best utilize the space.  This was a work in progress shot.
Here's an old photo of the basement from this post , showing the snack center.
The book shelf came out of hubby's office as we swapped out the old tv console for this one(below). His office now has the old tv console and the basement took the book shelf.
This was such a steal from Costco because it was a floor model and 50 % off. We love it!  We also brought down the Ballard Designs leather recliner from the living room.

We decided on this sofa from the Novogratz collection at Walmart, yes Walmart! I've had my eye on this tufted sleeper sofa for ages and finally have a room I can use it in.  It's getting delivered this week.
 We're painting the new-to-the room bookshelf and...
 the existing bookshelf...
 BLACK. More work in progress.  Please excuse the mess!
It's coming along...
 I found these marble coasters are Target because sometimes you just need to add something pretty in the midst of the mess. I'm going to add more marble accents in the future. The plan is to get a bar height table for behind the sofa with some stools so I'm on the hunt for be continued!
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Tamar SB said...

I adore that headboard!! Can't wait to see more!!

Creations By Cindy said...

Love the things you are doing Heather. I am wanting to repaint my kitchen and I can't even get motivated to do that. Well, one thing is I am so busy on weekends with grands and etc. But, I have got to take the time and get started. So my goal is to begin in March re-doing some things in my kitchen as well as paint. Maybe I needed to read this today for a little inspiration! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Anna of Mutton Style and Years said...

City girls room is very chic. You have a useful space down in the basement. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

Laura Yoder said...

OH girl that bed is gorgeous! Re-doing things is so much fun, especially in the winter/spring seasons!


Black Coffee Beautiful

Clairejustine oxox said...

Your bed looks beautiful Heather, you are creating some amazing room makeovers :) Thanks for sharing at Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop hope you're having a lovely weekend.

Carla from The River said...

Wow, you have been busy!! I am excited to see the finished projects.

Bliss said...

Yeah, the sofa was delivered in a much different color huh? I like that bright emerald, but I probably would have leaned toward the moss because it seems I'm afraid of color at my house.

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