Thursday, December 20, 2018

{Shopping} Trader Joe's Latest Haul

Here are some new things I found on last Trader Joe's trip.  I was pretty excited to find the Vegan Jackfruit Crabless Cakes.
 I haven't tried them yet but I can't wait!
 How fun to find holiday themed non dairy yogurt.  It tasted just like egg nog!
 I know this isn't new and I showed it on my previous EPIC Austin Trader Joe's Visit but this is the first time I bought it.  Yum! It's very sweet so a little goes a long way.  I've tried it on toast by itself but thinking some cream cheese with it would be delish as well.
 I love the packaging on this Cocoa Peppermint Almond Creamer. It makes your coffee taste like a peppermint mocha.
 I heard good things  about the Green Dragon Hot Sauce. It's definitely got a kick and it's not as sweet as sriracha.
They keep adding new beauty products and I'm all for it!  My skin has been so dry that I'm trying anything and everything to keep it moisturized.  It's definitely lightweight and it doesn't have any fragrance. The bottle is a nice size too.  

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Tamar SB said...

A friend is addicted to the Green Dragon sauce! Isn't the nog yogurt major yum!! Are the "crab" cakes gf?

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

The creamer and the oil both sound really good Heather. Have a Merry Christmas. :)

Andrea Nine said...

I'll be making a trip after the first of the year to TJ's and cannot wait to try some of these. Love a good argon oil. Have a fine festive fun family weekend!! xo

Bliss said...

Carrot cake spread and cream cheese....count me in!

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

It's official, the TJs in NH is not as good as the ones in PA! I've tried the Dragon sauce and haven't seen ANY of the other items you listed here! Robbed! How were the Jackfruit cakes btw?

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