Friday, December 7, 2012

JOY To the World(s)

Christmas Project Numero Cinco was inspired by this Pin.
Originally found here.
I pretty much loved everything about it-the rustic letters, the little wooden star and the simple wreath.
So my "Spin on The Pin" was to add a little JOY to the World(or Worlds) on our den's hall trees.
There's all this empty space above them and a nice, flat surface for decorating.
You can never have too many nice, flat surfaces for decorating if you ask me.
It's always been kind of ignored until I did this vignette for Halloween.
I knew it would be a good spot for my JOY to the World(s) idea.  I already had a few globes and the grapevine wreath, all I needed were the J and the Y.  I found them at Michael's (on my second trip, had to go to the bigger Michael's with more selection).  I really wanted bigger, paper mache letters but these white wooden ones have worked out just fine.  I put the letters, the wreath (with a little white embellishment--after thinking the plain wreath wasn't enough) and every globe(all thrifted) I could find in the house up there. I even added the globe orbs I found at The Christmas Tree Shop, from this post.
Get it, JOY to the World(s)??
I looked back at my original inspiration and decided mine needed a little bit more tweaking so I added some white berried garland and a bronze-y snowflake (I already had both).
It definitely draws your eye up in the room (and hopefully away from the mess of our daily lives).
 {for the record, I straightened this up a bit before taking the photo}
So what do you think?
It's another cheap and easy holiday project.
I hope that's not how you think of me ?!
{That incredibly stylish hat belongs to Miss Middle Schooler and she wears it quite well!}
Sure, it does't have the rustic look of the original inspiration but there's always next year.....
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Katie said...

I love your twist on the pin! The globes look great up there with the "JOY"

It definitely does draw your eye up, although your bench isn't messy at all!

Jules said...

I saw that Pin on Pinterest and admired it as well. I love your JOY and how great that you added the was the perfect touch.

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

I love it Heather! I love your globes too! Awesome!

Bliss said...

That really is joy to the world!

Life in Rehab said...

Girl, I'd kill for that entryway! The white berries are a perfect touch to draw the eye, and still so peaceful. Your house is looking muy festive!

Debbiedoos said...

That is just so cute Heather! I love the statement it makes.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

The Joy to the Worlds is adorable! Love it! I just might copycat you!


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