Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Projects-Part 1

We have a big list of to-do projects to finish before the graduation party, starting with organizing the garage.  I don't have a good before shot but here are some "during" photos.
 We pulled everything out from under the shelving unit and went through it deciding what to keep, donate and toss.
We don't have an outdoor shed so the garage has to hold all of the yard equipment plus two cars.  We have attic storage above for seasonal items, like Christmas decorations.

We're off to a good start. We wanted to house the tool box, generator and power washer under the shelf. 
We also cleared out the far corner for the wheel barrow and moved an existing shelf to another wall to hold some sports equipment and toys. 

These shelves are also getting a makeover.  One of them holds my craft and scrap booking supplies as well as larger entertaining items.  The other one is used for paint, painting supplies and other storage.
The nice thing about them is that they can be closed when needed.
More on that later...
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Lindalou said...

Now that is a good project to tackle. Good luck, but it looks like you are doing well.

Katie said...

Oh, I remember when we'd have garage clean out days! Of course, ours was never clean enough to keep the cars in...

I can't wait to see how those cabinets can close, that sounds pretty cool!

Anonymous said...

Love the storage shelves. My parent's garage is so overloaded but everything it put to the sides for one of the cars. My dad says it's a tidy mess :)

Bliss said...

You GO!


Andy David said...

Dear Heather,
It is no secret that you know how to get the job done. It is actually very nice to see how things look when its all cleaned up and organize. Thanks for sharing my dear.

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