Thursday, November 10, 2011


Just a quickie here from Halloween...feels like ages ago but it was only a week and a half.
She dressed up as Toddlers & Tiaras with her homeroom at school.
Don't throw away those old dance recital costumes, you might be able to use them ten years later!
She also had a Halloween dance and went as a pirate with clothes from her closet.
She went as an old Hollywood movie star.  It all started with the hat that she purchased back on this trip.
I found her some long white gloves in the Spring.
The dress and shoes were Goodwill finds to complete the look.  Sister did her makeup.
Red lips were a must!
Very mysterious.
Like the night we had.
 It was a COLD Halloween here right after our surprise snow storm.
Security was very tight in the neighborhood.
Hope you had a spooktacular Halloween too!

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Kim Croisant said...

HI - your newest follower here from Thurs blog hop. I followed you on Pinterest too. Love that place.

Hope you'll return the follow

Kim, USA said...

A beautiful pirate!

Over 40‘s

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