Sunday, March 27, 2011

Decluttering and New Work space

Remember this post?
It's ok if you don't, it was over a month ago.

I was pretty excited about some special deliveries with promises of getting more organized.  Well the large Tar-jay box contained a new desk for me.  I had done some searching around and narrowed it down to these two contenders.

#2)Dolce desk (in black)

Both were priced right and attractive but I settled on The Adams desk because ultimately the width worked better for me and I liked the lip running around the back of the desk to keep things from rolling off.  It was on sale and Target was running another deal for 10% off and free shipping to boot!
I had the perfect spot for it.

It went together fairly quickly.

Hubby put it together for me.

Somebody had to take pictures!

Ta da!

The desk is small enough to be moved from room to room and it's already lived in two rooms. It's out in the den now but it's also lived in the family room.

The white boxes are from Ikea and I store receipts in them (ala Young House Love).
I love my new Macbook too.  I'm a convert from the pc world and it's been a pretty smooth transition.
The other item on my desk is my new Life Planner.
This is how my kitchen wall looked before.
It contained are busy schedules as well as invitations, school & activity reminders. It drove me a little crazy.  Jen from I Heart Organizing posted about her Life Planner and since she's my go-to guru for all things organizational, I decided to use some of my birthday money to buy one too.

Look how pretty the box is!
Inside was a personalized message and lots of extra goodies.  

There are folders in the back to hold invitations and important papers.

And I can keep track of our busy schedule in a much neater way.

Now my kitchen corner looks clean and uncluttered.
This area is also looking tidier. 
(I've switched out the plate to the Spring one...wishful thinking)
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Emily said...

Love your new desk!

And, isn't that planner the best? I have one too - so much better than Franklin Covey & Levenger!

Emily from Nap Time Is My Time

Life in Rehab said...

That desk is so perfect! Very sleek, classic, and versatile. Nice choice!

Marissa said...

LOVE the desk! Oh and I love when my house is not cluttered...guess your post will inspire me to get to work on our closets...ughhh!

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

I love the new desk, Heather. I especially like that you can move it around. I'm going to check out the Life Planner.

Colleen said...

do you love this? I was thinking of getting one of these planners next year. I need to incorporate both personal and work in one book.

Unknown said...

I really like that desk:) As much as I stalk I am surprised I didn't see it:)

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