Thursday, January 31, 2019

HAMILTON on Broadway!

"I am the A-L-E-X-A-N-D-E-R we are meant to be!"  If you know what this song is and have it constantly playing on repeat in your head like I do, you're a HamFan like me.
So I was in shock when I got this text!
 I have been trying for years to win Hamilton tickets.  You actually win the chance to buy them at $10/ticket which is AMAZING! We saw Hamilton during this Chicago trip but City Girl wasn't with us so I called her and asked if she was free on Sunday to meet me for the show. She was, it was awesome!
To enter the lottery for tickets, go here.
 I took the train to NYC on Sunday morning. It was chilly and blustery out but who cares, I was going to see HAMILTON!
 View from the train.
 I was here (the room where it happened) finally and there were two really long lines but I didn't have to get in them, I could go right to the box office to pick up our tickets BUT I had to have my guest with me.  I was texting her to please get there ASAP, she was on her way!!!   By the time she arrived, it was time for the lottery winners to get in our own (short) line and we were ushered in to pick up our tickets if we hadn't gotten them yet, then ushered to our seats.  Everyone working at the theatre kept congratulating us. It was so cool!
We got to our seats they were in the SECOND ROW!
I could touch the stage from my seat!!
 Time for a quick selfie and then it was time to watch the incredible show. Seeing it again and up close made me love it even more.
We had dinner at Bareburger after the show, it never disappoints!!
Good night New York City (in New York you can be a new man)!!  My heart is full!
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Tamar SB said...

So fun!! I cannot wait to see it again!!

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

Oh WoW Heather how awesome to have won the Hamilton tickets and so nice to go with your daughter. I have yet to see it. My daughter is a Hamilton fanatic too. I love Bareburger and I haven’t gone there in long time. I am overdue for a visit. :)

Carla from The River said...

WOW!Heather that is so amazing you won!!!

Barefoot by the Sea said...

SO glad you two got to go! That's a pretty great beginning of the year treat!

Claire Justine said...

Oh wow, it looks like you had a great time Heather. I would love to do something like this :)

Thanks for sharing at Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop hope you're having a lovely week.

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