Friday, June 1, 2018

Four On Friday

This week flew by even though short weeks usually don't. We're barreling toward graduation day tomorrow and my head is spinning. Luckily the grad party is a few weeks away but there's still lots to do!  

On a blogging note: I'm also having issues with Blogger and I'm not getting your comments sent to my email. I like replying to each comment through email so that's been a bit of a challenge.  I'm hoping the tweaks that Blogger says they are doing to their email system will fix this issue soon. Until then, I'm trying my best to reply back to all of my comments by cutting and pasting them.

Here's what I've been....

1)Contemplating...which dress to wear to graduation. #3 is out because I just wore it to the Baccalaureate dinner so it's down to #1 & #2 or maybe something else??
 2. Hanging around with...running errands with Miss H/S before she left for her senior trip to Disney.  Yes, Starbucks had no coffee (their grinder had just broken). clean fridge. I gave it a good clean out and scrub before we went away.
 4. Reminiscing about...our trip to Washington DC last weekend. More about that in an upcoming post or two. It was such a fun trip!
What have you been up to?
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Andrea Nine said...

So much goodness! You know I am going to need the deets on the D.C. trip as we leave for ours in 12 Days! My dress pick is the navy Dot one, so cute and your waist looks super tiny! Love having a clean fridge! Good luck with graduation!

Tamar SB said...

Ugh blogger is still not telling me about comments!
Have the best graduation weekend!!

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

test comment

Claire Justine said...

Have a lovely weekend Heather. I think all your dresses look great :) Aww, you have reminded me, I need to clean my fridge out.

Thanks for sharing at The Weekend Blog Hop #Weekendbloghop

Terra Heck said...

I've been having the same comment issues too. I'm hoping Blogger fixes it soon.

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