Friday, January 12, 2018

Another Week (or so) In The Life

Here's another week in the life post, this one was leading up to Christmas.
 Venturing out to see the snowfall in the morning.
 Blogging in the morning, working on my lentil loaf recipe.
 Working at the campus store.
 Taking a dip in the hot tub.
 The was left on our car while at the mall "I am a pretty good person".
 Stopping at a giant Dollar Tree, they had SO many of these bins (I've used them here and here).
 Yogi tea.
 Dinner prep-Easy Black Bean/Lentil Burgers and Effortless Oil-Free Baked Fries.
 Editing photos from an engagement session.
 Shopping at Nordstrom, I loved their decorations this year!
 A fancy breakfast for a Thursday (tofu scramble & veggie sausage).
 Last day of school celebratory lunch and Miss High School's peppermint mocha.
 I discovered this yummy Trader Joe's good!
 Miss H/S started the holiday baking.
Nacho dinner by the fire.
I saw this decorate your own sweater kit at Home Goods, I don't see anything dirty about it. lol.
 We went to see this awesomely decorated house with our friends one night.
My friend and I went to a local theater's showing of the movie "Love Actually", it was so good on the big screen. The town looked so pretty when we left the movie.
I roasted veggies for our Christmas dinner veggie lasagna.  I could go for some right now!
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Laura Everyday Edits said...

So many comments for this post! Love the idea of a big screen Love Actually!
How are your painted cabinets holding up? They look great!
Love Nordstrom during the holidays.


Tamar SB said...

I am dying to get my hands on that TJ dressing!!!

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

It looks like you had a nice holiday season. I too want to try out that TJ salad dressing! Enjoy the weekend Heather.

Claire Justine said...

So many lovely photos Heather. The snow looks beautiful. We never get snow deep here very often :) Thanks for sharing at the weekend blog hop.

Cindy D. said...

You were super busy the week leading up to Christmas! The hot tub looks so nice. I love the decorations that were at Norstrom's, too. I hope you have a wonderful 2018!

Ida said...

Good to catch up on your holiday festivities and activities. I enjoyed your post very much. - Hope the new year is going well.

Carla from The River said...

Fun catching up with you. ;-) I like your socks in the I am a pretty good person photo. ;-)

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

I have to check out that TJs dressing! Haven't spotted it yet! I have to look. I always love playing catch up with you!

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