Friday, September 8, 2017

{Recipe} Easy Black Bean-Lentil Burgers

Happy Meatless Friday! Is that a thing? It is in my house but that's every day around here.  
These easy bean burgers are great for a week night dinner because they go together so quickly with simple ingredients. I cook up the whole batch and then reheat them through the week (they are good cold crumbled over a salad or in a wrap too).
 Black Bean-Lentil Burgers (Vegan)
1 15 oz can brown lentils
1 15 oz can black beans(I have pinto beans pictured but I used black beans)
1/2 cup green onions,chopped
1 tsp oregano
1/2 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/4 tsp each salt and pepper
2 TBS ground flax seed
2/3 cup bread crumbs (I used Panko)
2 TBS barbecue sauce
*recipe from here.
 To make:
Add lentils, beans, green onion and spices to a food processor and process until mixed. leaving some chunks.
 Add mixture to a bowl and add flax seed, bread crumbs and barbecue sauce. Stir well to combine.
 Form into patties and bake on parchment lined baking sheet at 400F for 30-35 minutes until firm.
 They hold their shape beautifully!
I had mine on a whole wheat bun with spinach, red onion and some Chao cheese (so good!). I also made my Effortless Oil Free Baked Fries to go with them. Who wants burgers?
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Tamar SB said...

I need to try these! I never make my own burgers but these sound AMAZING!

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

I need to make these, I've never had much success with homemade veggie burgers but these look good. By the way, I've never seen canned lentils… Can't see it really looks for them? I need to find them though, they would make life easier! Great recipe!!!!

Carla from The River said...

They look great. Thank you for sharing! said...

these look great! laura

Clairejustine oxox said...

These look great Heather. I would love to try them. Thanks for sharing at the weekend blog hop :)

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