Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Day In The Life-Prom Edition

I think it's fun to follow along as someone posts "a day in the life" photos on Instagram but I usually miss the day everyone else is participating so I decided to do one on my own.  It wasn't quite a typical day because it was prom but probably a little more interesting than a typical day in my life.  I also had a late start because it was prom and spring break.
{9:02am} Overnight oats for breakfast (again).
{10:47am} Time to work out.  Gotta stay hydrated (new water bottle).
{11:10am} I decided to do a second workout (they're only 20 minutes each).
{11:31am} Making a cup of coffee after my workout.
{12:36pm} Dressed and ready to head out.  Bracelets and green sweater here.
{12:37pm} Checking out the boutonniere.
{1:15pm} At the hair salon.
{2:08pm} Almost done!
{2:33pm} Making lunch.  Taco "meat", hummus and veggie wrap.
{3:06pm} Checking out my look, I might be in some prom photos later. :)
{3:45pm} Taking some quick pics at home and with the grandparents.
{4:07pm} Driving to prom photo location. There's that water bottle again!
{5:08pm} Taking pics of the prom goers.
{6:14pm} Grabbing some coffee after the kids left for prom.  It had started to rain so we lucked out for photos.
{7:31pm} Driving to the airport to pick up College Girl from her spring break.
{9:00pm} Getting dinner with College Girl at Bareburger. How fun is this wallpaper in the bathroom?
{9:38pm} Starters.
{12:24am} Finally back home, watching some tv and waiting for Cinderella to return from the ball.

Let's keep in touch!
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Julie's Lifestyle said...

Hello Heather,
Wow your daughter look just beautiful with her hair done and that pretty dress for her prom! I see you went to my favorite place to eat at Bare Burger!
I enjoyed your post today. :)
Julie xo

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

SO FUN! Your daughter is such a beauty! I loved her dress and her hair! I've never heard of Bare Burger but it sounds FUN! Also love that yummy looking hummus wrap in the making - and a cozy evening too! You were busy, this was an exciting day!

Tamar SB said...

Nice mug (-:

She looked gorgeous! Hope she had a nice time!

Creations By Cindy said...

Oh I just your girls dress! So pretty and she is just stunning beautiful! Such fun times for sure! I miss those days with my girls...NOT THE MONEY part of it though! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Ida said...

What a special day. Your daughter looked lovely in her prom dress.

Clairejustine oxox said...

Aww lovely pictures Heather :) Your daughter looks lovely, such a great dress ..

Thanks for sharing at the weekend blog hop

Carla from The River said...

FUN :-)
I enjoyed this. :-)

Bliss said...

Two workouts. You are superwoman.

Morgan Fluhler said...

Your daughter is so gorgeous! I love how they styled her hair for prom. And your green and navy outfit is super cute! Love that! I see you take a lot of photos from the passenger seat - does your husband always drive too? :) I basically never drive if I'm with my husband, haha. I'm like, you got it man! I'll just let him chauffeur me.
That's awesome that you got all your prom pics before it started raining - so fortuitous! And that's sweet that you got a little coffee date afterward. :)
I love to end a day on the couch with my blanket! Yours looks so soft and cozy.

Dawn Gross said...

Fun day! Love miss high school's dress! Andrew went to prom on Friday and it was a rainy day as well.

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