Friday, November 20, 2015

{Fall Fun} Apple Picking

My sister and I had the perfect fall day to go apple picking.
We like going to this farm in Bucks County for picking apples (and blueberries in the summer) because it's so pretty.
 They didn't have a lot of variety for us to pick but still managed to fill up a bag (each).
 I like picking but I love taking photos of the orchard, it was a week day and not too crowded.
 The contrast between the apples and the leaves is pretty perfect.
Of course I came home and started a big batch of my Crock Pot Applesauce.   What's your favorite kind of apple?

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Tamar SB said...

The orchard looks so gorgeous!! Such a fun fall activity. I still have apples from my trip 6 weeks ago!

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

What a beautiful orchard! It really does look like you found the perfect Fall day! So pretty! Have a great weekend my friend!

Carla from The River said...

Fun!! I love the photos. Great eye for capturing the beauty of the orchard.

Becky said...

It was a beautiful day to pick apples! I love Fuji apples!

Karen said...

Yet again....I was there!! We, too, had a picture perfect day and I have the pictures to prove it :). The contrast of those rich, red apples and the bright, blue sky refreshes my soul. There's nothing like smell of apples and the crisp air to make it feel like Fall! Our bounty was turned into crockpott applesauce and apple crisp.

Dawn Gross said...

Honey crisp!! And Fuji! And pink ladies! And ... We ALWAYS have a ton of apples here. Andrew has to have one a day - at least! Fun picking your own!

Betty said...

That really sounds like fun. I'd love to be able to pick my own apples.

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