Thursday, October 15, 2015

{Travel} Last Hurrah of the Summer

Miss High School and I had a fun girls' trip over Labor Day weekend.  It started with a yoga class and then some breakfast at a local bagel shop.
This was a veggie/hummus combo on an everything bagel thin. Yum!
We took off on our adventure, stopping for a selfie at the rest stop.

We were visiting my mom and her beau at his beach house.  We stayed up in the converted attic space which was super cute!

After getting settled in they took us to the beach.
It was kind of misty but you could see Atlantic City in the distance (just barely).
Our wonderful hosts!
Later, we had happy hour overlooking the beach.  They brought a cooler with snacks and beverages and knew the perfect place to enjoy them.  We went out to dinner and browsed around in all of the cute shops in town.
They took us to a pretty spot to see the sunset and then gave us a tour of the island, ending with ice cream!
We were determined to see a sunrise (on my summer bucket list) so we set the alarm for EARLY.
The two of us got dressed and rushed down to the beach. I thought we might have missed sunrise because it was already fairly light out.
I managed to take a whole slew of photos as we walked along the water.
There it was!
It came up exactly when it said it was going to come up and it was gorgeous!
I'm so glad we caught it before it went behind the clouds.  Have you ever been up to catch a sunrise? I think I'm going to be doing it more often in the future!
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Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

What a fun way to celebrate the very end of Summer! You and your daughter look like you have so much fun - and are beautiful! I'm also thrilled to see that you FINALLY got the PERFECT sunset! Love that last shot of her looking at it!

Monica said...

What a fun adventure! Your sunrise photos turned out amazing. I took my girls to the beach this summer to see the sun rise...We had to get up at 3:30 because we had about an hour drive! It was amazing and we had a great time, but next time I'd like to spend the night AT the beach like you guys did!

Tamar SB said...

I cannot get over how gorgeous the beach looks!!

Carla from The River said...

Beautiful!! I have been up a few times to see the sunrise. You are so right, it is so amazing.
I love the photos you shared. Well done!!

Jules said...

Looks like an absolutely wonderful weeekend...the views were amazing!!!!

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