Wednesday, September 16, 2015

{Travel} Beachy Eats and Treats

 We were lucky enough to get some time at the beach last month.
 We stayed in Wildwood and checked out the boardwalk as soon as we got into town.
Wonder what we're enjoying here?
It's a Pitaya Smoothie Bowl(Organic Pitaya:creamy pink Nicaraguan super fruit, bananas,strawberries and soy milk topped with granola, bananas and coconut shavings) from Aloha Smoothie.   I love that bright pink color!
 The boardwalk is nice but the beach is even better.
 Wildwood's beaches are massive.
 Once you get on the beach, it's quite a walk to the water.
 Made it!
We found a vegetarian friendly restaurant the next day called Epicure.  I had a seitan "chicken" cheesesteak.
 Miss High School had the falafel pita. Both were delicious. The restaurant is so cute, it's like you're sitting in someone's house. They have cookbooks to browse through while you're waiting and the decor is all flower paintings.
 It rained in the morning so we made plans to go to the movies (we saw Rikki and The Flash..loved it!). By the time we got to the theater the sun was already out again.  It rained more a little later but left us with this gorgeous double rainbow.
 One night we went to the Ocean City boardwalk to visit our favorite restaurant called The Bashful Banana.  We were mainly there for one thing but thought we should have some dinner first. We split the veggie chili and the hummus plate.
We were really there for the Banana Whip. Pure whipped frozen bananas with toppings (peanut butter for me and chocolate chips and coconut for her).
Mr. Click met up with us and got to enjoy some of his boardwalk faves too. We all had striped shirts on and it would have made a cute pic, but we never took one. :(
We had some nice beach time.
Reading the latest issue of Click Magazine.
Nothing but blue skies!
 We had to get back to the boardwalk for one last smoothie bowl. This one was the Marley Bowl(Organic Acai, Bananas, Strawberries, Hemp Protein and Soy Milk. Topped with Granola, Bananas, Honey and Goji Berries (but those look like chia seeds!)).
We did some shopping on the boardwalk (to the constant din of "watch the tram car, please!") and then went down to the beach to catch the sun setting over the bay.
 We had the lifeguard stand all to ourselves...
 ..and the beach as well.
Enjoying my DD while she frolicked in the ocean.

On our last morning we went out to one of our new favorite breakfast spots, Marvis Diner.  Mr. Click and I had been there on our last visit and we wanted to take Miss High School this time.  You can get  extra crispy tater tots instead of home fries and look at the serving size! I had a veggie egg white omelette.  She got the challah French toast.  Holla!
We spent the morning in Cape May.  I always have to stop in at this 5 & 10.  One of these days I'm going to eat at the counter (when I'm not so stuffed!).

Cape May is so beautiful. I love the shops and the Victorian homes. 
 The gardens were still looking gorgeous.
 Peeking through a gate.
This cat has the life!
 We also visited the Cape May Lighthouse for the first time.
There's a bird sanctuary and a nice beach right in the park.
 This would be a great day trip beach. #notetoself
We stopped for gas on our way out of town and got this note as we were paying.  I mean, come could I not?!

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Tamar SB said...

(that is only the calm version of my love for that store!!)

Jules said...

Wildwood and Cape May both look so very charming and the food seems completely to die for!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful beaches, vegetarian meals, and lighthouses. What more could a person want?

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

What a beautiful escape! Looks like the perfect getaway, complete with the most DELICIOUS eats ever! Oh my goodness, everything looks amazing!

Becky said...

What a fun trip! So much yummy food and beautiful pictures too!

Carla from The River said...

I always enjoying traveling with you.
Great photos. Great food!! Next time we need samples ;-)

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Now I have a yearning for the ocean!

Su-sieee! Mac said...

You have the best snacks and meals at your Boardwalk. If I could find treats at ours, maybe I'd skip the corndogs. Maybe.
The View from the Top of the Ladder

Ida said...

Oh man a trip to the beach would be so cool. - You certainly find great places to eat. I'm not Vegetarian but a lot of that stuff looks really tasty. - Loved the pretty double rainbow, your lifeguard chair shots and the pretty homes. It sounds like a super fun time.

Dawn Gross said...

Would love to visit Cape May! Looks like a beautiful trip!

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