Tuesday, September 2, 2014

{Insta-Love} August 2014

How was your weekend? Did it go by too quickly? I hope it was great!
We had an emotional one, we dropped College Girl off at the airport as she embarked on her semester abroad.  
School starts today for Miss High School too!!
Time is flying........
Here's our life in Iphone photos from August.
This was for one of my weekly photo challenges, who doesn't love a crate machine full of minions?
Off to the Miley Cyrus concert with a friend.
Confusing license plate!
Nerdy pineapple.
Discovering this yummy stuff.
Selfie of my outfit
My salad when we took College Girl out to dinner.
Lazy Saturday at Starbucks.
Salad and Dunkin for lunch at the mall.
My supermoon looked more like a heart.
Silhouette on the counter
Spoils from the garden.
Enjoying the deck.
Love this nail color!
Off on a weekend by ourselves to Washington DC!
Obviously I only carry $400 bills!
Sneak peek from our trip.
Pretty snazzy!
Vegan 'no-chicken' and dumplings made by the high schooler.
Friendly encounter on my morning walk.
It felt like fall.
More playing with my food.
Hanging out in the hotel while visiting College Girl.
Her piece (and her) at the exhibit.  It's all hand painted leather.
At a Phillies game for Irish heritage night (our daughter was dancing).
Our Irish dancer.
Casual Saturday outfit.
Decorating her school supplies with washi tape.
And she was off!!! :(
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Carla from The River said...

Love your August!

Giving you a HUG...hope you feel it. Best to both of your girls.

Love your fun food photos. :-) The pineapple ... LOL!!

Tamar SB said...

Something tells me it's safer to be a Phillies fan in NY than a Sox fan in NY!!

Love that pineapple!

Katie said...

Your daughter's gown is STUNNING! I am seriously blown away by her talent.

That Phillies/New York plate is my favorite. I know a certain guy who would love to do that. But I'm not sure I would ever let him!

I am totally jealous of the crab fries. Seriously I can't wait to move back north and get some!

And its so cool that your daughter gets to dance at the Phillies games. It would be so cool to be on the field like that!!

And your food wearing sunglasses is too cute :)

Becky said...

What an absolutely wonderful month!! So much going on with you guys :) I was able to spend some time abroad my sophomore year in high school, but not a whole semester. It was such a great experience! It's funny, because the day you posted that picture, I had just read my travel journal from that trip!!

Creations By Cindy said...

Loving all the pictures today! Awe...I know the bittersweet times with the children! They grow up too fast. Changes...hard at times. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Ida said...

Wow there was a lot happening here. Off abroad huh, where is she studying? That leather outfit was so cool. Loved the Minions, The heart shaped moon, the deer and just catching up with what you've been doing.

Dawn Gross said...

Your nerdy pineapple is my favorite! You and the family had another fun month! Lots of adventures. SO super exciting that college girl gets to go on a BIG adventure. I'm sure it was hard for you to see her off. Thank goodness for skype and facetime!


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