Tuesday, June 24, 2014

{Recipe}Cauliflower Mashed Faux-tatoes

Rich, creamy, smooth...I'm talking silky smooth mashed potato like goodness without a potato in sight.
Not that I don't love a mashed potato but sometimes I want something less 'carby'.
My {brilliant} sister gave me this recipe idea.
Steam or microwave one head of cauliflower (cut into florets) or one bag of frozen cauliflower florets until tender.
Now, here's where the creamy comes in.  Add the hot cauliflower florets and 3 wedges of Light Laughing Cow cheese to a blender or food processor. 
 *Be careful with hot things in the blender!*
Mix, mix, mix until smooth. The Vitamix has brought these  faux-tatoes to a whole new level. I used to make them in my food processor and they were delicious but I'd get a few little bits of cauliflower remaining in the finished product. The Vitamix makes them super smooth.
Season with salt & pepper to taste.
Don't feel guilty if you eat the whole batch.
Enjoy piping hot!
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Tamar SB said...

Yum! I make these too - I use my stick blender - so so so good.

Jules said...

That looks absolutely delicious.....YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

Creations By Cindy said...

Well sir, never knew you could do this with cauliflower! The things I am still learning. LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

That looks like my kind of vegetable! Creamy and wonderful...

Linda G said...

I need to buy laughing cow now!

Carla from The River said...

I had not idea!! Amazing!
Thank you for sharing.

Mama Hen said...

Yummy! I love cauliflower! I also love the laughing cow cheese. This sounds delicious! :)

Mama Hen

Becky said...

I LOVE mashed cauliflower, but have never tried it with the laughing cow cheese... YUM!!

Katie said...

This looks good! Especially with the addition of laughing cow cheese.

I tried something similar once - it was a cauliflower alfredo sauce, but it was more mashed potatoey than alfredo saucey. I'll have to try this, because we love cauliflower!

The Charm of Home said...

These look really good! I like the addition of cheese!

Morgan said...

Oh man, I love cauliflower in many forms. This sounds sooo good!! This would be so good when it's super hot straight from cooking. Yum!

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