Friday, March 7, 2014

{Insta Love} February

First off, I want to thank everyone for their great responses to my wedding quilt post on Wednesday.  I was really touched by your words and your own quilt stories!
Now onto Friday! Yay for Friday and a lot little bit of Insta-Love from last month.
 Making Valentine Cookie houses with my niece.
 More niece time with some Kapla blocks.
 Attempting Buffalo Cauliflower bites but they were a fail.
 Adding a filter to this floral crown shot.
 I made cornbread in this fun pan from Ikea.!
 On one of our snowy walks.
 Starbucks makes food shopping so much better!
 Power outage means morning s'mores!
 It also means lots of board games. The hand crank radio is nice to have too.
 Pixar Monopoly!
 Camping out at Starbucks while our internet was down.
 Lots of shoveling!
 Birthday board for College Girl.
 Seeing Miss Middle School performing in Aladdin.
 College Girl working on Big/Little reveal t-shirts.  She made 9 in total-all hand painted!
Aladdin memories...

 Getting read for the Birthday Brunch with a...
 fun mimosa bar!
 Happy mail from Julie!!
 Getting ready to roast some veggies.
 Being sick of snow and pot holes....
 and then a rainbow appeared!
 Getting my vintage Minnie Mouse watch fixed and a new band too!
One of my favorite books of February!
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Karen said...

Busy, busy! Love than Minnie watch <3. Let's hope your March photos don't feature any snow!

Morgan said...

I still think it's so sweet that you do stuff like that with your niece. :) It seems like you guys spend a lot of time together. That is precious.
I am intrigued by buffalo cauliflower bites. What happened? Did they just taste bad? They sound like they would be yummy and spicy. :)
Man, you guys have so much snow!! Wow!
I love smores, that must have been fun. :)
I have never shoveled snow in my life. It sounds so whimsical to me, but I'm sure it's not to people who have to do it all the time.
Those roasted veggies look delicious!

Bliss said...

The filter photo - love it!

camp and cottage living said...

It looks like February was a very busy month.
You are blessed!

Creations By Cindy said...

I love all the pics Heather but I am quite sure you know that the one that caught my eye was the one you tried the filer out on! LOVE IT! And ya don't get much better than Starbucks!!! Enjoy your weekend. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Becky said...

Nice recap :) that's a bummer about the buffalo cauliflower bites... I had high hopes for those. February seemed like it flew by. I'm really looking forward to March!! Love your new blog look :)

Tamar SB said...

I need to get some Kapla blocks for my class! And that pan - um yes please!

Was the book good? I keep toying with if I should read it!

Katie said...

It looks like you had a wonderful February.

All of the food and snacks and especially the s'mores, look delicious (can you tell its getting close to snack time around here?!)

I am just blown away by those shirts that your daughter made! They are amazing. Definitely the best big/little shirts I've ever seen!

Jules said...

The floral crown shot with the filter...AMAZING!!!! And then there was that happy mail that arived SOOOOOO

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