Monday, December 9, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 12.8.13

Where I Stood
When I saw her get her first 1st place trophy in Irish Dance!
Sorry for the poor photo quality on this one. I texted this Iphone pic to College Girl to see what she thought of our new tree topper. I'm so picky about tree toppers that we usually don't even use one but this crown from Hobby Lobby struck my fancy!

Miss Middle School put our gingerbread house together (kit from Trader Joe's) and I love the tiny people that came with it.
In The Cupboard
{My Peppermint Latte previously posted on Instagram}
These snow people mugs were a gift that I love pulling out every year and stocking the cupboards with!

From the archives and our trip to Charleston/Savannah. I miss her and her shadow!

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Tamar SB said...

The crown is SO cool and so different!

Congrats to the dancer - what an achievement!!

Love Of Quilts said...

Nice tree topper. I am sure you miss her very much,hard to see them grow up. 1st place trophy is nice. Cutest little house. Have A Merry Christmas

Martha said...

I love your little gingerbread house. The crown tree topper is a great idea. The scene with your shadow shot if beautiful.

Karen said...

Yay first place! I love how she's looking right at you :). It looks like you are all ready for Christmas. Enjoy those mugs as you sit inside and watch the snow falling today!!

Jules said...

Love the shadow picture and the sweet little gingerbread house!

Bliss said...

Congratulations to the Dancing Queen.

Becky said...

So awesome she won first place! That tree topper is so cool! I have never seen one like that. I love using the Christmas dishes this time of year, I think the drinks taste better out of them :)

Katie said...

Congratulations Miss Middle School!

Love the crown tree topper! What a cool and different idea. I'm super picky about the tree topper too. I may have spent close to an hour in Michaels looking for just the right angel a few years ago!

Christmas mugs and dishes make everything so much more festive. I use one almost every morning this time of year :)

The gingerbread kit from Trader Joe's is too cute!

Your shadow picture is great, and I love the sentiment behind it!

Dawn said...

Great tree topper!

Dawn said...

Oh, and congrats to your daughter! What a beautiful costume!

Ida said...

Sorry to be late commenting. Very busy week.
Great set. Those tiny people are cute with that Gingerbread house.
Congrats to your daughter for the Irish dance win. - I think that type of dancing is fun to watch.
What a unique tree topper.
Your shadow shot is fabulous.

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