Thursday, September 26, 2013

Insta-Love {July}

I may have posted some of these photos already but hopefully they are more of the 'everyday' variety of  photos I find on my phone that you haven't seen unless you follow me on Instagram.
First day of summer stock, that nervous excitement in the air!
 Elvis in the 4th of July parade.
My daughter making patriotic macaroons for 4th of July.
 A pretty house that we'd pass every morning on our way to summer stock.
 Summer Bucket List item: s'mores on the deck!
 Enjoying coffee and a book on the deck.
 Panera dinner date with Lovely Long Tresses.
Cutting up a dragon fruit.

Some items in the Spy Exhibit at the Franklin Institute.  On the left is a piece of the Berlin Wall and on the right is the only gun I'd ever want to carry (check out that camera!).

 Birthday fruit tart+sparklers (maybe our friends wouldn't notice that we had already dug into in the night before).
 Tomatoes getting a shower.

 Mother-Daughter selfie at Italian Night
 Rydell High (performance of Grease by summer stock)
A shadow selfie at the beach in Southampton, New York.

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Karen said...

Summer already seems like ancient history! Looks like you made lots of great memories.

Tamar SB said...

You guys had such a fun and busy summer!

Jules said...

Great pictures...some of them looked familiar, but a lot I don't remember seeing. That selfie of you and Miss Middle School is's a framer!

Katie said...

This looks like such a fun summer!

A lot of them were new to me, because I didn't have instagram in the beginning of the summer! I really like the 4th of July ones. The Elvis one is funny, and the macaroons look delicious!

That house on the way to summer stock is so pretty! I want to spend the whole summer living there and reading in that garden!

Love the lights on your deck with the s'mores. They look so fun!

Mel@JunkinJunky said...

I agree, the photo of you and Miss Middle School is so beautiful, well, beautiful subject matter so what else can we expect? :)

Bliss said...

So my eyes are not so good, I thought that might be Evil Kenivel instead of Elvis.

Becky said...

Don't you just love photos like these? The everyday? That's what I love about Instagram :)

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