Thursday, December 13, 2012

{Get Crafty}My Favorite Handmade Ornaments

Looking at our main tree, I realized that most of our ornaments are either handmade or purchased on trips we've taken over the years.  
Here are some of my favorite handmade ones.
I think these were the first ornaments I ever made.  Before Pinterest, 
Google, even the internet {gasp} had to use books or magazines for ideas and tutorials. 
My go-to book was this one.
Cue the angels (Starbucks Cup ones of course!)
It was pretty much my Christmas decor bible when I was first married.  I gilded many a pinecone and walnut (to make gilded walnut trees, wreaths and kissing balls). I even painted my own wrapping paper a la Martha, using plain brown paper and metallic paints.
These dipped ornaments must have been in the book or from her tv special.
{Not the SNL spoof, though I love that too!}

You fill a bucket with water, swirl some oil based paint along the top of the water and dipyour ornaments in the bucket, swirling back and forth then letting them hang to dry.
Another early ornament that I made were these felt woven hearts.  
They can also be made out of paper like in this tutorial
You can fill them with little treats and tie them on packages. They're addictive.
When the kids came along, I needed something little hands could help with. 
These popsicle stick stars are still one of my favorites. You can either paint them and sprinkle with glitter while still wet or leave natural and glue on some glitter.  Either way they really twinkle on the tree.

We would make batches of cinnamon/applesauce ornaments to tie on packages and give out as little gifts. They were easy for the kids to cut with cookie cutters and smelled so good.
This one uses old Christmas cards (recycled!) cut into different shapes and edged in glitter.
It's a great way to reuse Christmas cards.
Good old salt dough ornaments are always fun to do with kids.
  Mix up a batch and cut into Christmas shapes then bake and decorate. 
 Don't forget notthatIeverdid to add a hole for the hanger before you bake.
Paint and glitter on a pine cone, tied with a ribbon. So simple and sweet!
We've made ornaments out of the many wooden shapes you can find at any craft store.
Just paint and add glitter (or not).
Then hot glue a wire hanger onto the back.
Don't forget to have the kids write their name or initials the back and date it.
I used Family Fun magazine for a lot of ideas back in the day, like this cardboard gingerbread lady decorated with puffy paint "icing".
Of course I love photo ornaments. We gave this one out in 2001.  
I covered a photo in clear Contact paper, rounded the corners and punched a hole for an ornament hook.  Do you think I could get my kids to reenact it this year?
Here's another recycled ornament.  Use an empty ribbon spool, add some paint and glitter and school photo.
This one has a ribbon and a bell tied to the top.
I made this one from a flat glass ornament, just glued the photo to it and then added the wreath embellishment with puffy paint to hide the glue. I don't know if these are still available but there are so many clear glass ornaments that can be used for the same idea.
This is another Family Fun cutie, doily angels on clothespins.
 We made one of each of us that year.
This adorable walnut shell and acorn cap mouse is also from Family Fun. So cute!
The hardest part was cracking the shells in half.
 This pine cone skier is another FF idea.
I see she's missing one of her toothpick poles.  I hope she can ski one handed!
We've also been fortunate to receive many handmade ornaments from our family. I always loved the simplicity of this pinecone frond wreath ornament that my sister in law made us one year.  The homespun bow really makes it sweet.
The year of the comb sheath (and Modern Family fans out there?). My sister's family gave these out a few years ago to squeals of delight from the rest of us.
My very talented aunt made this needlepoint ornament for us. Wow!
My other very talented aunt made us all of these starry/snowy ornaments over the years. 
From these incredibly dainty crocheted snow flakes,
to these crystal ones.
How about snow flakes made out of pearly beads?
And more crocheted beauty!
I feel so lucky to have all of them in my collection!
Here's a sweet one from my nephew.
Now that my girls are older, they've made me some really incredible keepsakes.
They've each painted me a glass ornament at their art classes.
They go/went to the same teacher.
My older daughter painted this snowy frame for me in 2005 and I added the photos.
These "big girl" ornaments are all on our white tree.
They are so special to me.
Last year I made these Snowy Scene Ornaments.
I don't have anything planned for this year but there are still 12 days until Christmas!
What are your favorite handmade ornaments that you've made or received?

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Pam said...

Don't you just love the handmade ones. I have those also...and they are so special. Most made because we did not have the money to buy nice ones when I first married. Some may not be the prettiest but they hold the most special memories.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Homemade ornaments are totally the best and yours look amazing. My favorites are the Salt Dough ones the kids make and the pictures of them. How fun. Hugs, marty

Katie said...

These are all so special! I loved seeing the transformations over the years.

We've definitely done something similar to the swirl ones, I'd totally forgotten about that! What a fun thing to remember!

The snowflakes your aunt made are amazing! She is so talented!

We are going to make salt dough ornaments this year. AJ wanted to make ornaments for our tree, so I thought they would be fun. I saw some really nice ones that had been stamped with Christmas stamps. I've got a ton of those, so we are going to break them out on Monday and give it a try!

Jules said...

LOVE all of your handmade ornaments! I think it makes the tree so much more special to have ornaments that tell a story as opposed to having a matchy, matchy designer tree. They are truly beautiful!

Bliss said...

Well it's obvious to me we read the same magazines although I don't remember Martha ever looking that young!


SarahBeth said...

I love the ornaments made by my kids when they were young -- such memories! Yours are all so cute!

Morgan said...

Oh my gosh! I love the one of your daughters in 2001!! So sweet :) They were so tiny! I love all your old-school DIY ornaments. My mom had a book similar to that one and I thought it was so cool that she did her own crafty thing. :)

Ann said...

All of your ornaments are so quaint. I really like Martha's swirled paint ornaments.

Maria said...

I loved your post! Homemade ornaments are the best, aren't they? They just hold so many precious memories and warm your heart every time you look at your Christmas tree! Merry Christmas!

Life in Rehab said...

I miss all the handmade ornaments we made while the kids were growing up...they were really nice kindling in the fire. Thanks for the walk through your tree. I especially liked the one of the girls together in 2001~ absolutely adorable!

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