Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Sweet (Yet Dry) Surprise!

I love this champagne!
 I get a glass of it whenever we are in France (in Epcot of course!)
Our local liquor stores do not carry it so I was shocked pleasantly surprised when the hubs brought home a bottle of it for me us.
Would it still be as good if I wasn't in sunny Florida on vacation?
We had to find's a hard job but somebody had to do it.
Still crisp, refreshing and ...

Best enjoyed by the fire (if you can't be in Epcot).
Do you have a favorite bubbly? Do you prefer sparkling cider or Asti...come on give it up!

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Maxabella said...

I'm not a champagne girl, but hey, if I was in France I would be!!! x

Carol said...

You go girl! I love Prosecco! Who am I kidding I love Champagne too. I have a feeling it tasted the same because you had your hubby to share it with.

Carol-the gardener

Life in Rehab said...

I like any champagne with a dash of cranberry juice and a touch of triple sec- yum! I'll have to check the stores around here for Pommery.

Samantha said...

moscata d'asti is my favorite of all time. just stick a straw in the bottle and i'm good to go :)

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